FOR SALE! Taking reservations now for 2020 Piglets, Goats and LGD Pups!

Availble For Sale Now

ADGA Alpine Buck


Sage Farm Lincoln is a 2 1/2year old proven sire with fantastic  dairy genetics. He was bottle fed and handled extensively so he is easy to work with  and very sweet . $250

Sage Farm Infant Salvia "Baby Sage"


Sage is another fantastic dairy girl, her FF udder had excellent structure and we are excited to see the improvement this year. She is also due mid-February and is only being sold due to our downsizing. $300

Sage Farm Stowe

For sale adga doe alpine maine

Stowe is a 3 year old Alpine, currently pregnant due in mid February. All our goats are bottle raised in the house for the first 2 months so they are easy to handle and sweet. She was one of our top producers as a FF last year and expect even better from her this year. We are downsizing and keeping only the Nubians and Nigerians. $300


For sale alpine Maine goats

Penny is a 4 year old unregistered alpine who was purchased from Unity College. She is our #1 milker, producing nearly a gallon on once a day milking. She is due to kid mib February. This will be her third freshening so she is in her prime! She is also disbudded unlike the rest of our goats. $250 

Brown and Doodle

For sale maine quarter horse pony

Brown and Doodle came to us through friends leaving state to tend to family. 

Brown is a ranch trained, quarter horse who is approx 12 years old and is well trained. 

Doodle is a half linger cross pony aprox 10 years old. We were told he is cart trained however have never harnessed him up. Must go together- $800 pair

Selling all Pigs

Pigs for sale boar sow piglets Maine

We have 2 heritage cross sows and one boar left to sell. The sows are bred and due in March. They are aprox  600lbs each, we took one to the butcher in Nov and her hanging weight was 420lbs. $300 each. Any piglets born this year will be $125 each and will be vetted and castrated by the vet. The boar is 3 years and  free to anyone purchasing another pig or $150 otherwise. He is aprox 700lbs, Old Spot/yorkshire cross. They are all easy to handle, never agressive and produce large healthy litters. 

For Sale

Hayden Farm Ivory

For sale goat sable saneen Maine

Hayden Farm Ivory is the last of our ADGA registered Sables. She is a 2 year old second freshener due to kid in mid-February. She has been bred to ADGA Feathernscale Donkey to produce MDGA registered Mini-Sable kids. Her FF udder was Beautiful, she dam raised her kid so we did not measure production, but he was a big strong boy! $300

Infant safe Soap

For sale goat milk soap infant dye free scent free

I made this soap specifically for my grandchildren. Safe and gentle goats milk soap, no added colorants or scents. Goats milk and tallow are produced here from our grain free animals. The minimal remainder of necessary ingredients are USDA certified organic. Also great for sensitive skin. $6 each 

Christmas Soap Sale

For sale goat milk soap Maine

I have a few bundles of goat milk soap left from my Christmas sales. Milk, lard and tallow used are produced here from our anmials and all other needed ingredients are USDA certified organic. There are 4 bars of different sizes and scents per bundle. $10

Taking Livestock Guardian Pup reservations NOW

For sale livestock guardian dog LGD Great Pyrenees Anatolian Shepherd

People were so pleased with the quality of Shamira and Rangers pups last year that we have purchased Ranger!!! We will be breeding again this spring and already have a waiting list started for these pups. So if your are looking for the perfect farm dog for Maines farms get on the list now! $700 each $200 deposit when you pick out your pup. 

Taking reservations now for KIDS!

For sale kids goats ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Nubian Sable Saanen Alpine MDGA Mini

The goats have all been bred and we are taking reservations now for spring kids! They will be ready to go thier new homes between mid-April and mid-May. We will have registered and unregistered kids available. Check out our goat photos for breedings available. First come first serve price range $100-700. 

Taking reservations now for piglets

For sale piglets heritage old spot yorkshire duroc tamsworth Maine

This will be our last year for piglets as we downsize the farm and focus on a few specialty breeds. We will only have 2 litters this year that will be ready in mid May. We have a reservation list started. $125 per piglet get on the list now $50 non-refundable deposits will be taken when they are born.