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About Us


Why we Farm

We started farming back in 2006 like most do, raising a few laying hens, and grew from there. We decided that the health of our family was way to important not too. Every day we would read, or see a new story about recalls in food, GMOs, inhumane livestock practices, we needed to do something different. So our farm grew. We planted a huge garden and began canning and drying our own veggies, we purchased cows to raise for beef, and chickens, turkeys, and pigs too. In  2015 we added dairy goats, and in January 2017 we suffered a huge loss, our barn burnt and our herd perished. We did not let it break us, we are built a new goat barn and have been blessed with an amazing new herd. We have also added a dairy cow to the family. We raise these animals with love and care, believing they deserve the best life possible for the sacrifice they will make. Our goal for this page is to share real life farming experiences with our friends, the good and bad. This is our love and our life, and we want to share it with you. We will also share information from other amazing farms and people we have been blessed to meet or work with. Maine is full of great family farms, we are so blessed to have meet so many of them!